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Malta Conferences-Sociétés participantes



Industrial Participation

to Malta Conferences

Dear Madam, Sir,


Please find here updated information about Malta Conferences which will be held in October 29 & 30, 2009 in Malta.


It will be great to participate and meet the following companies who are already registered to Malta Polyphenols:


Center for Oxygen, Diana Naturals, Pomegranate Health, Celabor, Dallant, Naturex, Nutracitrus, Genosa, Polinat, Brasserie Kronenbourg, PomWonderful, PhytoBiotech, Carlserb Group Research, Amazentis SA, Stiernon,

Agrana Juice Holding, Döhler, Aceto Health Ingredients, Symrise, Chronology SRO, Gan Shmuel Foods, Robinson…


Also you can meet companies which participate to Malta Skin-Ageing 2009, which will be held in the same time and in the same place:


Gattefosse, Coca Cola Beverage Shangai, Procter and Gamble,

Dr Palmer’s LLC, Biolandes, Vipurel, Ninapharm, Naturex, Nestle, Vipurel,

Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratories, Life and Health Styling, Lipofoods,

IPGS, L’Oréal, Beiersdorf-Nivea, Straticell, Carotech …



For more information, please visit our websites: