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Green Tea & Antioxidants to be showcased at Dubai




Green Tea & Antioxidants


to be showcased at

Dubai Tea Health


World Congress


December 3 & 4 2009, DUBAI


The International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) and the Organizing Committee of Dubai Tea Health 2009 announced the final program of the 3rd World Congress on Tea and Health: Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Applications: Last Advances, Controversies & Innovations.

Dubai Tea Health World Congress will be held in December 3 & 4 at Shangri-La, in DubaiThis event also includes a satellite symposium “Tea extracts as a future drug?” to explore the potential applications of tea and its extracts to treat many diseases.

Green Tea: a powerful antioxidant to prevent Obesity, Cancers,

Cardiovascular Diseases, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Ageing


The aims of Tea Conference 2009 are to discuss the latest advances in tea and health and highlight the recent innovations and applications of tea, tea extracts and tea polyphenols in nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products.


Pr Marvin Edeas, Chairman of the Scientific Committee and President of ISANH, highlighted “our objective is to provide answers and to give a future vision of how Tea Polyphenols as natural antioxidants can enhance human nutrition and help in the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases.

We need a good antioxidant that can increase the antioxidant defences systems, decrease oxidative stress and inflammation. The difference between green tea antioxidants and other classic antioxidants (such as Vitamins) is that we have many credible studies that demonstrated their beneficial effects on health and they are more naturals than synthetic antioxidants. We must also talk more about controversies and contradictions concerning tea consumption on anaemia and the impact of milk or other proteins on tea bioavailability. (English people are among the first consumers of tea in Europe, however, we observed less protective effects than Chinese or Japanese consumers.)


During Tea and Health World Congress, academics will be gathered to talk about various subjects:

·         Tea and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases

·         Bioavailability of Tea and Tea Extracts

·         Nutraceutical Applications of Tea Polyphenols

·         Tea and Skin-Ageing

·         Slimming and Weight Management effects of Tea Polyphenols and Tea Extracts

·         Anti-stress and well-being effects of Tea and Tea Extracts



“Tea extracts as a future drug?” satellite event

Tea extracts used as a future drug is the focus of the Friday session when Pr Ping Dou, from Karmanos Center Institute and Wayne State University, USA, will open proceedings with a presentation on roles of tea polyphenols as a potential anticancer agent.

Finally there will be time for the presentation of abstracts, submitted in advance, on tea and tea extracts related products.


Tea and Health Dubai 2009 Innovation Award


The Organizing Committee will select the best tea of the year for Dubai Tea Health 2009.

The most innovative product or finished product of Tea and Health Dubai 2009 also will be awarded.





Pr Marvin Edeas, President of ISANH – Paris, France.

Pr Ping Dou, Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University - Detroit, USA.

Dr Michael Boschmann, Experimental and Clinical Research CenterBerlin, Germany.

Pr Saverio Bettuzzi, Department of Experimentale Medecine – Parma, Italy.

Pr Wilfried Dimpfel, Justus-Liebig-Univesity – Giessen, Germany.

Dr Matthias Laschke, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Surgery – Homburg, Germany.

Dr Mario Lorenz, Charite-Universitätmedizin – Berlin, Germany.

Pr Murat Turkoglu, Faculty of Pharmacy – Istanbul, Turkey.

Pr Francesco Visioli, Université Paris VI- Paris, France


Among companies who will attend Dubai Tea Health:

Kneipp-Werke, Coca Cola Services, Beverage Partners, Squeeze Belgium, Bonomelli, PT Anugrah Tiara Mustika, Procter and Gamble, Ninapharm, Nestle, National Brands Ltd, Sante International, L’Oréal, Phyto Extracts, Meiji, Tea Board of Sri-Lanka, Tea Board of India


We look forward to welcoming you in Dubai for this particular event.



Rouby Joubet

Dubai Tea Health 2009



About ISANH:

The aim of ISANH is to advance the practical applications of antioxidants, in all related fields, with particular reference to health and nutrition, and provide recommendations to ISANH's members, health decision makers and institutions about the last antioxidant trends, uses and problems. In addition, ISANH encourages communication and interaction among researchers, physicians, nutritionists, industrials, food technology and strategic marketing managers through a global antioxidants network, please visit