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ISANH awarded Straticell and Dr M. Salmon during Malta Skin-Ageing




        The International Society of Antioxidant in Nutrition and Health congratulated Dr M.  

        Salmon from Straticell, Belgium for the Award of Malta Skin-Ageing 2009 for his

        Innovative Ideas on Skin Ageing Award 2009

        This award was discerned during Malta Antioxidants Congress.






About Straticell:

StratiCELL is a skin model manufacturer and a project-driven service provider for in vitro testing. StratiCELL develops reliable in vitro models and methods to assist cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry in a GLP-compliant environment (accreditation is ongoing) and offers in vitro testing services based on reconstituted skin models and cell cultures. StratiCELL performs efficacy testing (anti-ageing, hydratation, sun protection, skin pigmentation,…), toxicity testing (skin irritation, skin corrosion, phototoxicity, …), penetration and absorption studies, gene expression analysis (TaqMan arrays) or customized R&D services on compounds, cosmetic ingredients or finished products. Read more at or contact us at