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ISANH awarded Axialys Innovations and Mrs Celine Duval during Malta Polyphenols





     The International Society of Antioxidant in Nutrition and Health congratulated

     Mrs Céline Duval from Axialys InnovationsFrance for the Malta

     Pomegranate 2009 Award.


     This award was discerned during Malta Antioxidants Congress.







About Axialys Innovations

The VIQUA ingredient was selected as one of the most innovative ingredient during the PCHi China in February 2009 alongside other ingredients from major international suppliers.

The VIQUA ingredient was also selected in the IMAGINE section of the In-Cosmetics Singapore in October 2009, a section showcasing groundbreaking ingredients with innovative applications.

Products with VIQUA are sold all in France and all over Europe, in Japan and were recently launched in the rest of Asia, confirming the safety, efficacy and the credibility of the science behind VIQUA.

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