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Fertility & Antioxidants To be Showcased at Lyon – France



 Fertility & Antioxidants To be Showcased at Lyon – France


1st World Congress on Oxidative Stress & Infertility: 

Recent Advances and Controversies

April 29-30, 2010 – Lyon - France

The International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) and the Organizing Committee of Antioxidants & Fertility 2010 announced the final program of the 1st International Congress on Oxidative Stress, Infertility and Degenerative DiseasesRecent Advances and Controversies. Fertility & Antioxidants 2010 will be held in Lyon, France from 29 to 30 April 2010.

Fertility & Antioxidants 2010 will highlight cutting-edge advances in oxidative stress effects and impacts in infertility. It will highlight also the recent innovations and applications of antioxidants to prevent and treat infertility.

Pr Marvin Edeas, Chairman of the Scientific Committee and President of ISANH, highlighted “our objective is to allocate significant time to discuss the latest advances and controversies related to scientific and clinical studies concerning oxidative stress and antioxidants effects and impacts in infertility. Our objective also is to provide answers and to give a future vision of how Oxidative Stress can be controlled and modulated to limited infertility and degenerative diseases, and in particular how antioxidants can help in the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases”.

Fertility & Antioxidants 2010, is one of the most important platforms for professional exchange in the field of fertility and antioxidants and related disciplines. It will target all medical doctors, researchers and academics, R&D and IVF departments, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, food supplement companies, marketing departments…


This is an incredible opportunity to showcase a basic research or clinical findings in the various thematic sessions, covering both pre-clinical and clinical research:


Oxidative Stress and Degenerative Diseases

Oxidative Stress and Infertility: Recent Advances and Controversies

Potential Applications of Antioxidants in Infertility

Short oral presentations


 A Roundtable discussion with speakers and the Scientific Committee will be held at the end of the Conference. The following theme will be discussed: How can we manage Reactive Oxygen Species insults? Which treatment for which problem? 


Fertility & Antioxidants 2010 Committee : 

A. Agarwal, Andrology,Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, USA

E. Baldi, Firenze  University, Italy

S. Belloc, Unilabs, Paris, France

 M.Benkhalifa, Laboratoire ATL, Paris, France

M. Cohen, Procrélys, Lyon, France

P. Cohen Bacrie, Laboratoire Eylau, Paris, France

P. Guerin, Ecole Vétérinaire de Lyon, Lyon, France

M. Edeas, President of ISANH – Paris, France.

Y. Menezo, Unilabs, Paris, France

N. Prisant, Société d’Andrologie Langue Française, Paris, France

 V. Tsatsaris, Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France

B. Schmitt, CHU Bretagne Sud, Lorient, France

A. Gutierrez-Adan, Madrid, Spain

L. Parmegiani, IVF Laboratory Gynepro Centers, Bologna, Italy

F. Visioli, Université Pierre et Marie Curie,Paris, France

M. Vignes, Université Montpellier, Montpellier, France

 We look forward to welcoming you in Lyon for this particular event.


To access to updated program :

Fertility & Antioxidants 2010


About ISANH:

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