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Targeting Mitochondria 2010/Call for abstracts and Award



Targeting Mitochondria:

 Strategies, Innovations & Clinical Applications


Berlin, Germany, 18-19 November 2010

NH-Hotel Friedrichstrasse


Call for Oral Presentations

Call for Mitochondria Award


Call for Oral Presentations in five sessions:

In each following session, we will allocate time for short oral presentations upon abstract submission about innovative methods concerning mitochondria, with clinical studies:


* Mitochondrial dysfunctions in chronic diseases and Pathologies: Recent advances & Perspectives


* Mitochondria into practice: Methods & Instruments to evaluate Drugs, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical & Nutrients’ efficacy on Mitochondria


* Development and Creation of mitochondria controlled by chemically synthesized genome to treat and prevent diseases: Myth or Reality?


* Strategies and Innovations to Target Mitochondria: Recent Clinical data and potential Therapeutic Studies


* Mitochondria and Skin-Ageing


Targeting Mitochondria Award 2010

The Scientific committee will select and award the most innovative project in three categories:


·         The best Innovative Product to Target Mitochondria

·         The best Innovative Ingredient e.g. in pharmaceutics or nutraceutics

·         The best method, technique or device for assessment of mitochondrial function


Moreover, a special award will be awarded for "Targeting Mitochondria 2010"


For more information about abstract submission and award, please visit the official website of the conference at and do not hesitate to contact us.



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