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L'institut Pasteur accueillera le 2ème Congrès International sur Targeting Microbiota



Cette année la SFA coorganise avec l'institut Pasteur le 2ème Congrès International sur Targerting Microbiota. 

Parrmis les sessions:

  • Microbiota and Innovations in 2014 : Recent Advances
    • Analysis of Bacterial Species and Metagenome
    • Tools and Innovations
  • Microbiota & Biomarkers: From Predictive to Personalized Medicine
  • Mitochondria-Microbiota Crosstalk: The Intriguing Relationship
    • The Redox balance and ROS as modulator of host gene expression
    • Microbiota, oxidative stress and Intestinal redox homeostasis
    • Impact of ROS on microbiota quality
  • The Role of Microbiota in Health and Diseases: The Mechanistic Aspects
  • New Challenges to Prevent and Treat Metabolic Diseases, Cancer, Liver, Kidney, Lung and Inflammation-Related Diseases
  • Microbiota and Nutrition: Impact on Bioavailability and Absorption
  • Microbiota and Longevity: The Missing Link
  • Microbiota and Brain: Opportunity to Regulate Stress and Depression

Un Workshop se tiendra le 2ème jour sur Fecal Microbiota Transplantation:  Practical Issues and Regulation. 

Pour plus d'information sur le congrès :