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Warning: high consumption of black tea may cause a renal failure




A recent study, published in NEJM, a physician warned about the dangerous effects of black tea on kidney. Dr. Syed received a patient suffering from a renal failure, apparently caused by the accumulation of "Calcium oxalate crystals".
Indeed, black tea seems to contain high levels of oxalate, that causes a high injury of kidneys in case of high consumption of black tea.
Drinking black tea daily causes the consumption of a daily average dose of 1500 mg of oxalate. That dose is 30 times higher than the normal recommended doses.
In addition, several food a star fruit, rhubarb and peanuts may cause the same injury because they contain same high levels of oxalate.
You could know more about the study, by clicking here.

Source: A case of Iced-Tea Nephropathy, Syed F et al. N Engl J Med. 2015 Apr 2;372(14):1377-1378.