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Malta Skin Ageing and Antioxidants World Congress-Whitening Symposium



Skin Ageing and Antioxidants:

Innovations & Strategies
October 29-30, 2009 
Radisson SAS Bay Point Resort, Malta
With a satellite Symposium: 
Whitening Ingredients: Targeting Tyrosinase
Pr J. Krutmann, University of Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Dr O. Toussaint, Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame de la Paix, Namur, Belgium
Dr A. Vierkötter,University of Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Dr T. Blatt, Beiersdorf AG, Hambourg, Deutschland
Dr H. Pagéon, L’Oreal Research, Paris, France
Dr O. Sorg, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Suisse
Dr M. Richelle, Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
Pr JF. Doré, Institut Fédératif de Recherche, Lyon-Est, France
Dr P. Schröder, University of Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Dr G. Murphy, National Photobiology Unit Beaumont and Mater Hospital Dublin Ireland
Dr M. Salmon, General Manager of StratiCELL, Gembloux, Belgium
Pr S. Pinnell, J. L. Callaway Professor Emeritus of Dermatology, Duke University (to be confirmed)

During Malta Skin Ageing 2009, the Organizing Committee will allocate significant time to discuss the latest advancies and controversies relating to skin ageing, oxidative stress and antioxidants.
Our objective is to provide answers and to give a future vision of how antioxidants can delay and may stop the ageing of skin.
Malta Skin Ageing 2009 will gather high scientific speakers from University and from Indutries. We will have the pleasure to listen to Dr Pageon, from L’Oreal Research, Dr Blatt from Beiersdorf, Pr Pinnell from Skinceuticals and Dr Richelle from Nestlé.
The aims of Malta Skin Ageing 2009 are to :
- Draft the state of the art in skin ageing and oxidative stress
- Highlight the recent innovations in skin ageing and photo ageing
- Try to find effective strategies to prevent and slow skin ageing and photo damages by using antioxidants (oral and topical).
Different session will be held:
  • General Skin ageing
  • Antioxidant strategies to delay skin ageing
  • Technical session: the keys to manage an antioxidant skin product
  • UV & Photoageing
  • Solar Ingredients
  • Whitening Ingredients
  • Business to business sessions 
A Symposium will be held on Friday afternoon on Whitening Ingredients. The aim of Malta Skin Whitening Symposium which gathers academics and industrials is to discuss the last innovations and applications of whitening.
Innovations and Concepts
You are a company involved in Skin Ageing, Photo Ageing management, with a new method to promote or enhance Whitening process.You are interested in presenting your:
  • New Ingredients (original compound, new target…)
  • New technical innovations (new formulation, new analysis method…)
  • New services (marketing, distribution, promotion…)
  • New concepts
Malta Skin Ageing Innovation Award
The Scientific Committee will name the most innovative project upon abstract submission.
Whitening Ingredients Symposium Award
The most innovative project (method, ingredients, galenic...) on Whitening Skin will be award upon abstarct submission. 
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We look forward to welcoming you in Malta for this particular event. 
Malta Skin Ageing 2009

Skin Ageing and Antioxidants:
Innovations & Strategies
Thursday, October 29th
09:00: Introduction: Skin Ageing in 2009, a personal point of view
Pr J. Krutmann- University of Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Session 1:
The State of Art of Skin Ageing in 2009
09:30: General overview on skin ageing: extrinsic and intrinsic factors- Using the example of the SALIA study
Dr A. Vierkötter - University of Düsseldorf, Deutschland
10:00: Models of oxidative stress induced premature senescence: transcriptomic, proteomic and functional applications 
Dr O. Toussaint - Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame de la Paix, Namur, Belgium
10:45: Coffee Break
Session 2:
Antioxidant Strategies to delay Skin Ageing
11:15: Targeting skin mitochondria: A promising strategy
- How to stimulate energy metabolism in senescent cells?
- How to increase mitochondrial antioxidant defence system?
Dr T. Blatt - Beiersdorf AG, Hambourg, Deutschland
12:00: Skin ageing and Advanced Glycosylation End Products: the role for antioxidants in Maillard reaction
Dr H. Pageon - L’Oreal, Paris, France
12:30: Lunch
14:00: Oral strategy by antioxidants: How to increase skin antioxidant defence system from within?
Pr J. Krutmann - University of Düsseldorf, Deutschland
14:30: Topical strategy: How to increase skin antioxidant defence system from outside?
Pr S. Pinnell - J. Lamar Callaway Professor Emeritus of Dermatology Duke University Medical Center (to be confirmed) 
15:00: Focus on credible antioxidant ingredients:
-          Pomegranate and Skin Ageing: last advances
-          Resveratrol: cosmeceutical application
-          SOD: how to increase SOD defense system
15:45: Coffee Break
16:15: Antioxidants to treat dermatologic disorders
Dr O. Sorg - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Suisse
Session 3:
Technical session: the keys to manage an antioxidant skin product
16:45: Antioxidant and Skin Bioavailability: recent advances and future vision
Dr M. Richelle - Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
CALL FOR ABSTACT: New Antioxidant Ingredients
17:30: Short oral presentation upon abstract submission on new antioxidant ingredients to delay skin ageing
18:00: Discussion: Antioxidant defense system and skin ageing: future of Dermatology?
18:30: End of the first day
Friday, October 30th
Session 4:
Solar Ingredients: successful strategies against skin and eyes damages from sunlight
9:00: The power of sun: skin’s friend or enemy?
Pr JF. Doré - Institut Fédératif de Recherche Lyon-Est, France
9:30: Sun and skin immunity: how to strengthen skin immune defences system by photochimioprevention strategies? Photoprotection and skin cancer: the future
10:00: Infrared A radiation and skin ageing: a forgotten factor?
Dr J. Schröder - University of Düsseldorf, Deutschland
10:30 Coffee Break 
11:00: Sunscreens and filters protection: innovations and perspectives in 2009
Dr G. Murphy - National photobiology Unit Beaumont and Mater Hospital Dublin Ireland
11:40: Eyes and sun: What kind of protective ingredients can be used?
Dr G. Murphy - National photobiology Unit Beaumont and Mater Hospital Dublin Ireland
12:00: Business to business session: short oral presentation upon abstract submission on new solar ingredients and strategies:
- Iron chelators strategy to avoid UV skin damages
- Antioxidants
12:30: Lunch
Malta Skin Whitening Symposium:
Skin Whitening Ingredients:
Targeting Tyrosinase by Oral and Topical Ingredients
Friday, 30th October 2009
14:00: Oxidative stress, hyperpigmentation and melanogenesis: where are we now and where are we going?
Dr O. Sorg - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Suisse
14:30: Strategies and innovations in skin Whitening:
1.     Oral antioxidant strategy
2.     Topical antioxidant strategy
Skin whitening agents : targeting key pathways – a case study on isopilosine from Brazilian Jaborandi (Pilocarpus Jaborandi) leaves
Dr M. Salmon - General Manager of StratiCELL, Gembloux, Belgium
15:30: Coffee break
16:00: Trends in whitening products from Asia and Europe in collaboration with Japanese Antioxidants Society
CALL FOR ABSTACT on new whitening ingredients with clinical studies
16:30: Businessto business session: short oral presentation upon abstract submission
The Scientific Committee will select oral communications reserved for ingredients or finished products with clinical trials / studies. These communications of 10 minutes are based on:
-  Originality of the compound or its mechanism of action
-  New targets and new concepts
-  New formulation and/or galenic
-  New marketing and distribution concepts
CALL FOR ABSTACT on new instrumental approach to treat hyper pigmentation
18:00: Discussion: Whitening or Tanning skin: the power of science
Scientific Committee - Malta Skin Ageing 2009